What is Kinesio TapeĀ®?

Kinesio Taping is a state-of-the-art taping method utilizing a flexible material to support soft tissues. Kinesio Taping has been highlighted at the 2008 Olympic Games and the NCAA playoff series.

What does Kinesio Taping entail?

Kinesio Taping begins with a thorough assessment of the injuries soft tissues. The tape can be applied to promote lymphatic drainage to acute injuries, inhibit overworked structures and stimulate weakened structures. The overall goal of Kinesio Taping is to enhance the natural healing process along the patient to maintain their normal activities. For athletes, this means they can actually stimulate healing while they continue to play.

Why is the assessment important?

Kinesio TapeĀ® is a flexible cotton material with a latex-free adhesive backing. Depending on the application it can be used to support structures, facilitate soft tissues or inhibit soft tissues. A correct biomechanical evaluation of the joint complex (joint, joint capsule, tendons and muscles) is vital to successful treatment with Kinesio Tape. An incorrect application using inappropriate tape or erroneous direction or tension will offer no help or may irritate the existing injury.